What Is Affiliate Marketing ? A Step-By-Step Guide

Hello Friends, Everyone who creates online blogs, they first find their way of earning.No matter how many say, but the main purpose of everyone is to earn money from blogging.To earn money from blogging, today I teach to earn money through Affiliate Marketing in this post.

You must have heard a lot about it.But many of my friends are those who do not know any ways to make money from blogs other than Google Adsense.

I have written many posts before this, in addition to Google Adsense, about income from blogs.Since these posts are based on affiliate marketing today, I will tell you in detail about this. When I started writing blogs, I used to think that Google adsense are okay, but there should be some other way.

I had heard a little about affiliate marketing. I contacted many Affiliate Companies at that time. Almost everyone accepted my application and my journey started.

In the beginning, when I put Affiliate links on my blog, so much good response was not found.

But I did not leave them and thought of keeping them in a better place. A few days later I got some customers and 2 products sold by the link given by me. In this way it has been confirmed that money can be earned in such a way.In fact, I did not believe in affiliate marketing that I would earn money in it. But using the right way and experience, today affiliate marketing earning more than Google Adsense.

So let’s understand about affiliate marketing in detail :

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

All of you want to know what Affiliate Marketing is ,Before saying this, I want to tell you a story in the beginning  This story begins with three people,A customer, a vendor and a commission agent.Sellers contact the commission agent to sell their belongings.And in turn, commission on sale is decided. The commission agent goes out in search of the customer for him. After all, he succeeds in it. Now the commission agent brings that customer to the vendor.The customer buys the goods near the seller, and goes by paying the money. After that, the commission agent contact the seller, and receive their fixed commission.

You can connect this story directly with affiliate marketing.In this you can consider the seller as an Affiliate Company,While commission agents as Publisher . In this way we can say that ” Affiliate marketing is a way through which an Publisher provides sales to affiliate companies (Advertisers ) using their different types of contacts and earn a certain commission “.

And in simple words, “Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money on an online blog. Blogger shares the product link of an affiliate company on its blog.Whenever the user of the blog purchases any product by clicking that link, then the affiliate company pay commission to the blogger. ”

With the affiliate links on any blog, Google Adsense ads can be put together.

How Does Work Affiliate Marketing Programs ?

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As I mentioned earlier, a blogger uses advertisements to earn money from his blog.He values ​​the maximum benefit as much as possible.Therefore, they contact the affiliate company. And advise your users by promoting the product on your blog. Thus, the affiliate company gets the customer, thereby increasing its earnings.And blogger gets commissioned. Overall, this whole system relies on affiliate companies (Advertisers) ,Publisher (bloggers) and product buyers.

Many bloggers also write reviews for a product. And earn big commission on each sale. If you write on a product according to the category of your blog, then he will definitely sell it.

How to join Affiliate Marketing Programs ?

To join an affiliate program, you first have to search the related affiliate company keeping in mind your blog’s category.After this you will have to become the publisher of the affiliate company.When your account is checked and approved, you can use it.

Affiliate Marketing program
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You can connect with affiliate programs in many ways. Many companies let you provide affiliate accounts directly ( Example – Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay ) , while some use 3rd party programs ( Example – Snapdeal , Paytm Use  ClickBank, CueLink ).

After joining you will have to promote the product. Now whenever any of your blog users will click on a product link and buy a product. You will get a fixed sales commission.

Common Words Associated With Affiliate Marketing

There are many words that are used in affiliate marketing all the time. We have heard their name many times, and whenever we open the site of an affiliate company, we can see these words there. We remember their name, but we do not know what it means.So here the meaning of those common words has been explained.

  • Affiliates : Publishers who promote a product on their blog.And bring customers to the product, they are affiliates. The main work of affiliates is to earn commission on sales by promoting a product or service on their blog.
  • Affiliate Program : Whenever a company promises to give some commissions to promoters to sell their product. And in return, promoters sell products using their blog or social connections. Whom they earn in the form of a commission. This is called affiliate program.
  • Affiliate Link : Affiliate links are a product link, through which a customer comes to the seller’s site from the blog. You can say that this is a way to earn money for a blogger.
  • Affiliate Id : Whenever a blogger joins affiliate site, i.e. an affiliate account is created, then an ID is given for identification. These ids are given for their unique links, so that they can be identified that these products are sold by them.
  • Affiliate MarketPlace : Different types of affiliate companies contact all types of vendor sites and provide affiliate links of all products in one place ( Example : CuelinksCj ,  VCommission ),
  • Affiliate Software : Software used by any affiliate company, which traces the commission and sale. And reflects the sale of each affiliate ( Example : idevaffiliate ) .
  • Affiliate Manager : Many companies have a manager for the help of company publishers.Their job is to find a solution to any kind of dilemma coming to the publisher.
  • 2- Tier Affiliate Marketing : This means that whenever you make any other blogger affiliate through your referrer link, you get commission like an MLM system. That means if you join an affiliate, you also get its commissioned part.
  • Commission Percentage : When someone sells a product through the Blogger affiliate link, he gets some commission in return.These commissions are at a fixed rate. This is called commission percentage.
  • Custom coupons : Many affiliate programs also offer custom coupons.They trace sales just like affiliate links. Custom coupons are also helpful in increasing sales.
  • Payment Mode : This means all options of payment, such as payment, payment option (Paypal, Paytm ), minimum withdrawal etc.
  • Short Link : Affiliate links of many companies are very large.Short link are used to shorten that link.

Affiliate Marketing : FAQ

A lot of information related to affiliate marketing should be understood, we have many questions. We fix many of these articles and solve them. If you have any questions, you can ask us through the Comments Box.

Here we are answering some common questions. :

What qualifications are needed to become affiliate marketer ?

You do not need any qualifications to become affiliate marketers. Anyone can become affiliate marketer.If you have any technical knowledge in this area, then it is good for you.

But this does not mean that technically knowledgeable can become affiliate marketers.

Can affiliate links be used with the advertisement of Google Adsense ?

Yes, you can use Google Adsense ads with affiliate links. Yes, you can do that, affiliate marketing never violates Google’s advertising policy. That’s why Google Adsense can run with affiliate program.

Is Affiliate Marketing Safe and Trustworthy ?

Yes, affiliate marketing is safe, this will give you regular money for your work.You do not have any kind of risk in this.So you can say that they are completely faithful. In the case of many blogs, these are all better than Ads by Google Adsense.

How much money does it cost to join affiliate marketing ?

There is no cost associated with affiliate marketing, any blogger can connect to it for free. Yes, if you use the company’s Paid ads additional, you may have to pay for it.

How much money can you earn from affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing can earn unlimited money, many bloggers are earning thousands of rupees, while many millions of rupees per day.You can also earn a lot of money from this. Just link to affiliate product according to the category of your blog. There are many bloggers who do not use any ad except affiliate links. If you have a premium user on your blog, then you should also apply affiliate advertising.

If you have any questions other than them, then comment in the comment box.

Top affiliate Marketing companies

Here we talk about top affiliate companies, we have two options. Since I live in India. Therefore, I am talking about these two parts.

First place for the whole world, while the second is for India.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs in world

Affiliate Direct Program :

  1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
  2. eBay Affiliate Program
  3. Bluehost Affiliate Program
  4. WordPress Affiliate Program
  5. Shopify Affiliate Program
  6. BuyDomains Affiliate Program
  7. BigCommerce Affiliate Program
  8. iTunes Affiliate Program
  9. The Watchery Affiliate Program
  10. Gaiam Affiliate Program

Affiliate MarketPlace Program :

  1. Clickbank Affiliate Program
  2. Wide Markets Affiliate Program
  3. Rakuten Affiliate Program
  4. CJ Affiliate by Conversant Affiliate Program
  5. ShareaSale Affiliate Program
  6. RevenueWire Affiliate Program
  7. Flexoffers Affiliate Program
  8. Commission Factory Affiliate Program
  9. Terraleads Affiliate Program
  10. AffiBank Affiliate Program

Top 10 Affiliate Programs in India

Affiliate Direct Program :

  1. Flipkart Affiliate Program
  2. Amazon India Affiliate Program
  3. Tata Cliq Affiliate Program
  4. ShopClues Affiliate Program
  5. Jabong Affiliate Program
  6. Big Rock Affiliate Program
  7. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program
  8. Agoda Affiliate Program
  9. Nearbuy Affiliate Program
  10. eBay Affiliate Program

Affiliate MarketPlace Program :

  1. Cuelinks Affiliate Program
  2. vCommission Affiliate Program
  3. Optimise Affiliate Program
  4. DGM India Affiliate Program
  5. Komli Affiliate Program
  6. Admitad Affiliate Program
  7. PayOOm Affiliate Program
  8. PeerFly Affiliate Program
  9. ClickBooth Affiliate Program
  10. MaxBounty Affiliate Program

Apart from these, there are many affiliate programs that are constantly becoming a way to earn revenue for bloggers.We will soon submit a description of all affiliate networks in a new post.

Affiliate Marketing Best Tips

There are many bloggers whose blogs come with millions of traffic. They also promote affiliate links on their blogs, but they do not get any special revenue.They either remove affiliate links from their blog or they are satisfied with less earnings.Looking at such a problem, I have given the following suggestions to help Blogger.

  • Make A plan : First of all, you have to make a good plan, because without planning, you will not be able to make money in affiliate marketing.Even if you earn, he will not give up satisfaction.
  • Promote product related to blog category : You are promoting the product related to the category of your blog.Because your article reader becomes a buyer. Like – If any of your blogs are related to the mobile gadgets review, then if you put affiliate links of mobile products on it, you will get a lot of difference in performance.Conversely, if you add cloth affiliate links, you hardly find a buyer.
  • Be Trustworthy To Your Readers : If you are not trustworthy to your readers, then any of your readers will reject any of your suggested product, so you become dependent on your reader.As far as possible, provide the correct information to your reader. This will increase your confidence in your readers and they will regularly follow your suggestions.
  • Keep your content paramount : First of all you have to pay attention to the contents of your blog, because you will get the reader only when you have good content, post content of quality. And when you do this, your readers will automatically buy your promoted product.
  • Use the product and write appropriate reviews : If you are using any product then you can write a review for it and you can speak to your readers to buy it. Believe me, if you make a real review for your user, you will be successful, and your readers will consider your every opinion.

In this way you can use these tips to convert your traffic into money. We will write more posts for you with more suggestions.

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