Qureka Referral Code & Review – VIKA5930

Qureka App Invite ( Referral ) Code – VIKA5930

Qureka App : Qureka is a daily live quiz show that you can play every day for free, and win Rs.60,000 daily and also play for Mega Quiz for total ₹3,00,000 prize money on 31st August at 8:30 PM. You can play Qureka every hour from 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM.

	 Qureka: Play Live Trivia Game Show

Now Play Qureka in Hindi – just tap on Menu(top left) and select your preferred language.

Qureka daily prize gets split amongst all the winners equally, and in case there is no winner the prize gets added to the prize for the next show. The show has 10 questions and you get 10 seconds to answer each question. A wrong answer will get you eliminated, but you can use 1 life per game until the 9th question to continue playing the game. However, if you do not answer within 10s, you get eliminated straight away (hint: always attempt!)

Qureka starts at 9:00 AM everyday. You can play Qureka Knowledge Booster Quiz – every day at 11 AM where you get questions about news & current affairs.

Qureka also host a special theme based quiz at 9:00 PM every night where you get questions about a particular theme like History, Technology, Mythology, Sports among many others.

Also, a special ‘Back To School’ quiz is held at 4:30 PM every day which tests your fundamental knowledge and Qureka ask questions on school subjects. See if you’re better than a 10th grader by participating in Back To School Quiz.

Qureka is different from other Live Quiz Shows.
a) Qureka is designed for faster loading & very low data consumption. Qureka use less than 5MB data per show.
b) There are no questions asked by the host. You can seamlessly play the quiz.
c) Qureka host will keep you engaged in the show with loads of fun.

Qureka is completely free and at no point do Qureka ask users to pay us for playing a game, there is no gambling involved when you play Qureka.

The Quiz show has questions from these topics: History, Science, Trending, General Knowledge, Cricket, Technology, Business, Sports, Food, Art, Culture, Politics, Music, Films, TV, Mythology, Movies, Nature, Geography, Literature, Celebs, World & Social.

Currently, Qureka is available in 2 languages – English & Hindi. You can change the language anytime by selecting the language from menu in the app.

Details About Qureka App

Status  Legit
App Rating  5/5
Earning Way Play Live Trivia Game Show & Win Cash + Referral Program
Minimum Payout  Rs. 30
Payment Timing  Daily
Payout Method  Paytm
App Url  Install App Now
Invite Code   VIKA5930

Are You Thinking to Install Qureka App ?

Install App Now

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	 Qureka: Play Live Trivia Game

How To Earn Money By Qureka App

Install the Qureka app, and Participate in Live Quiz Game Show & Tournaments and win cash. Don’t miss out! Download now to enjoy the game.

Qureks App Step By Step Setup  =

  • Download Live Triva Game Show App ,
  • Choose Your Language,
  • Verify Your Mobile Number with Otp,
  • Enter Referral Code VIKA5930 & CLick Continue Button
  • Play A Challenge & Win Money

Qureka App Legit or Scam ?

Many users are doubting whether these app are right or not.Suspicious is also appropriate.But as I have found, these application are completely legit.It pays you a daily payment.

So far, I have earned real recharge from it. .I have also shown this in the payment proof.Besides this, There are many articles on the Internet, in which it was not told to any scam.
This is a legal Application.

Qureka App Payment Proof

Our effort on MoneyEarnWay remains the same , that we always write reliable content and reviews.We do not support scam in any situation at all.We assure you that you will never get any false content or reviews on this blog.

If you think something is wrong then you must tell us through a comment box.In return we will also encourage you as a gift.

You can see the payment proof below.

Qureka Payment Proof :

Payment Proof :

…………. Update Soon …………….



Qureka App :: FAQ

What is the Qureka Live Quiz Game Show app’s payment method?

These apps send money directly via paytm. If you have prize money then they add cash to your paytm account .The app will add new payment features soon.

How many questions should be answered correctly to win a Live Game Show?

 All the 10 questions appearing in the Challenge have to be answered correctly.

Whether the cash is earned from the referral program?

Yes, you can earn cash from the referral program. Inviting your friend will get free Paytm Cash.

How much cash can I earn on an app share?

There is no limit to earning money. But you can get a cash share of 10 rupees cash and referrals on every referral.

Qureka App : Rules

Rules: Main Quiz

1. You get 10 questions per game. Answer each question within 10 seconds.
2. There are 3 answer options for each question.
3. Click the right option within 10 seconds
4. Answer all 10 questions correctly in time to win
5. Top 3 Fastest Winners get Additional Rs.1000
6. Prize money is then split equally amongst all winners
7. In case of no winners, the prize money gets rolled over to the next game.
8. If you get eliminated, use a life to continue playing
9. Play Mini Quiz and invite friends to earn Lives
10. Rs. 10 Paytm for each friend who joins 1 st time using your referral code
11. Life can be used only till the 8 th question. Life gets applied automatically
12. All winners get their prize money in their Paytm account automatically
13. In order to redeem amount from your ‘winning’ wallet, you must play a minimum of 10 games (including both mini & main quizzes).


Referral Policy:
1. Refer a friend and get Rs, 10 for the successful referral.
2. Referral amount gets added to your referral wallet when your friends plays for the 1 st time.
3. You should have minimum Rs.30 in your referral wallet to be able to transfer the amount to your Paytm account.
4. You also get 2 Lives for each successful referral.
5. If you refer a friend and he/she wins a game, you too get 50% of the winning prize.
6. Fastest Finger amount ‘Rs.1000’ is not included in the 50% referral winnings.
7. You too should have played the game that your friend won to be eligible to get 50% of the winning prize.
8. If you did not play the same game for any reason you do not qualify for the prize.


Rules: Mini Quiz
1. You get 3 questions per game to answer correctly
2. Answer the questions within 10 seconds or u get eliminated
3. You answer all 3 questions correctly and you win a Life
4. You cannot use life during the Mini Quiz
5. You can use this Life during the Main Live Quiz only
6. You can play Mini Quiz twice at 12:30 PM & 6:00 PM everyday


Rules: Mega Quiz: Last Day of the month
You should have played at least 10 Main Quiz shows in the given month
– If you have successfully referred Qureka to 3 or more friends the given month
– If you have won any one game in the given month
Assured Rs.1000 for the Fastest 3 winners
Mega Quiz at 8:30 PM on the last day of the month
Only eligible people can play the Mega Quiz, other may watch the Live Quiz Show
The Mega Quiz price money shall be transferred to your bank account and Qureka shall
require all the necessary documents to be able to do so.

Qureka App Referral Program

For each friend entering your referral code, you get Rs 10 when your friend play his 1st game show ,

And when your friend wins the prize, you get 50% of the share amount, which he won.

You can find your referral code by tapping on the share button.

Qureka App Review By Author

Qureka Live Game show is a great application. You can earn real money through it. you can withdraw cash through paytm wallet.My experience so far has been very good with this app.I recommend using this application without fear.You can earn real Paytm cash from this application.

I’m 100% on this side and I recommend you use it.


And finally I stand in support of this application. These applications are really great.You can make money with it in video uploads. And without waiting you can also withdraw recharge by your mobile.

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