Propellerads Review: Payment proof & CPM Rate

Propellerads Ad Network: Propellerads is the best-paid Multi-Channel advertising network on the Internet. They have been continuously rendering their service since 2011. These ads are constantly in the area for so many years. This can also be a reason, to believe in this advertising network.

Know More About Propellerads


Propellerads makes it easy to buy and sell advertising online, giving advertisers and publishers more transparency and control. With Native and Link ads, Propellerads has created a simple and more effective advertising marketplace for advertisers and publishers.

If you look at a publisher, these advertisements will accept your account in a very short time. You will get the highest rate of the market,  the multi-payment option, the status of the website directly.

If you look at an advertiser, you can set your own advertising rate, you can set your target and set a budget.

Details About Propellerads Ad Network

Status  Legit
Website Rating  4/5
Earning Way  CPM, Native Advertising, Popunder, Interstitial, Smart Link  & Referral Program
Minimum Payout  $ 100
Payment Timing  Net 35
Payout Method  Paypal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, E-Payments, Skrill, Payoneer
Accepted countries  All
Ad Network Type  CPM, CPC, Native, CPS, Popunder
Referral Program  You will earn 5% of referred publishers revenue and 10% of referred advertisers spent
Website Url Go Website
Invite Link  Click Here For Use Invite Link

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Propellerads Payment Proof

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You can see the payment proof below.

Payment Proof :

………….Update Soon……………

Propellerads Referral Program

Blogger will earn 5% of referred publishers revenue and 5% of referred advertisers spent. You are thinking that these are less. But remember these advertising companies offer a better service. So if you invite any publisher or advertiser, you will get 5% of his commission for the whole life.

Suppose you invited a publisher who earns $ 500 per month from this advertising company, then your earnings went up to $ 25. And this too only when you give a suggestion.

I have just added some publishers who are giving me some referral commissions. But I can hope that more publishers will join and earn more than ever before.

So in my opinion, do not take the referral program lightly.


In the end, I would like to say that once you use Propellerads in your blog, I can say with confidence that it will give you 100% satisfaction. You will be satisfied with its simplicity and high rates.

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