How To Start A Vlog – Step By Step Best Guide

In my previous post, I told you about a blog, now I am going to tell you about Vlog through this post. In this, I will tell you what the vlog is and How to Start a vlog. I will also tell you about the prevailing main vlog websites, on which you can start free vlogging. So without delay, let’s start –


Let us warn you that Vlogging is not a guarantee of success. It will depend only on your skill, if you have time for vlogging, you really want to do something, you are welcome. But if you can not give your time and you want quick results, then stop, you can not get success in any situation.

To Start a vlog I have made a few points through which you can get the solution of all the issues associated with vlogging.

Now let’s talk about step-by-step Vlogging in an easy way. Talk, what have I learned from my experience.

The 6 steps to start a Vlog

  1. Whats A Vlog
  2. Vlogging Equipment
  3. Vlog Ideas
  4. Vlog Platform
  5. How To Start A Vlog Channel
  6. How To Vlog On Youtube

Whats A Vlog

We know very well about the blog. But when it comes to vlogs, we begin to think about what it is. We will tell you what the Vlog is. Actually, there is not much difference between vlog and blog. In the blog, we write content, while in vlog we make a video by expressing a topic. Videos are supported to explain any topic in vlogging.

In the recent past, the way vlogging has increased, it seems that in the coming time, the vlog will dominate the blog.

Vlogging Equipment

After learning the vlog, it comes up, to start A vlog. To start a vlog we always need some equipment. Which are below –

Camera – To start A vlog you will first need a camera. You can also use your mobile phone’s camera. But keep in mind, viewers always prefer high-quality video. Therefore, as far as possible, keep the quality of your video better. If you want to see a Cheap Vlogging Camera, you can see here –

Cheap Vlogging Camera

Tripod – Tripod is also required to start the vlog. This is needed to give your camera or mobile camera a great angle. You can not hold the mobile or camera in hand everywhere, nor can you keep a person for this work.  This is the reason that Tripod is the second biggest requirement of the blog.

Mini Tripods For Mobile

Tripods For Camera


Microphone – Microphone is very essential for the vlog, without it you can not get a clear voice in video production. A quality microphone gives you a better sound quality. Therefore, we can not underestimate the importance of mic in the vlog.

Best Microphone For Mobile

Green Banners – The green banner has great importance in vlogging, if you have to change the background of a person or object, then you can use a green banner.

Laptops – In changing times, vlogging is done as professional work, for this, you will need a laptop. If you think based on my opinion then you will suggest Lenovo Laptops.

Video Editing Software – You must have good video editing software for vlogging, only then you will be able to provide good video quality.

Vlog Ideas

To start a vlog it is very necessary to have a strong idea. Without it, you can not succeed. So, first of all, you think of an idea. Thoughts can be of any kind, you can give a special review. In this, you can tell the people about any object. Let the people know about its advantages and disadvantages. Just start your blog.

Vlog Platform

To start A vlog you need a platform, you can start the vlog platform by spending money yourself, but it can be expensive for you. And in this, you may have to work harder for the visitor too. On the contrary, if you use any pre-installed platform, it will be the best. This will also reduce your expense and visitors will also be available. Youtube, Firstwall, Dailymotion are some such free vlog platforms.

How To Start A Vlog Channel

To start the Vlog channel you have to collect the equipment. After that, you can start your channel. I will advise you to use the free vlog channels already present. In this way, you can make your identity among many people in lesser expenditure and less time.

How To Vlog On Youtube

Today, the best free medium for Vlogging is Youtube, here you can create your account for free and join the millions of people. To start Vlogging on Youtube, we will provide you with detailed information in our new post soon.

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