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Hello Friends, you are reading the post, so know that you want to Start A Blog. Before starting the blog, I want to tell you that my English is not very good. So, if any mistakes happen then forgive. I promise that will not provide any insufficient information to you. So let’s start……

My blogging journey ( a short story )

My blogging journey ( a short story )

There is no long history of my blogging. When I started blogging in 2014, then I worked hard for 6 months. I had hoped that soon I will be able to make money and I will become a rich man. But what happened to me, which happens with every new blogger. I was not fully aware of any kind of information, I just knew that just write an article and earn money. I stopped blogging.

I then tried again on 16 December 2016. In the early days, or say, I did not find anything in the first year. Once again, I was disappointed. But I did not stop working. After 6 consecutive attempts, I am standing with blogging in January 2018. Yes, it was a long time. But no success is easily available. Today, my total of 6 blogs have been made. Those who are bringing good traffic.

In the end, I would like to say ……

Do some work, do it continuously, leave disappointment, keep thinking of experience in the old ways and doing something new, then you can not stop by being successful.

and one more thing … If you want to make a career in blogging, then learn it first and then if you can do it continuously for 6 months without earning then only come into this area.

Now let’s talk about step-by-step blogging in an easy way. Talk, what have I learned from my experience.

The 8 steps to start a blog

  1. Decide Why should you make a blog.
  2. Choose your preferred blogging platform.
  3. Choose a domain name.
  4. Select a web hosting.
  5. Start a blog with WordPress.
  6. Install A Theme.
  7. Install the most useful plugins.
  8. Useful resources for blogging

We will prepare the blog following all the steps given above.

Step 1: Decide Why should you Start A Blog

Before starting any work you must know why you want to start it. Unless you find a satisfying answer, you will not start any work. If you do this, no one can say that you can succeed in it. Therefore, as long as you do not achieve the objective, The job is useless.

Before starting a blog, you should know its purpose. First of all, think about what you can blog about. You highlight your interest. Only then can you become a successful blogger. You can choose from many blog niches.

There are no qualifications required to start a blog. You should be able to write on any topic. From starting a blog to SEO, you can learn in a few days. Therefore, the most important thing is that you should have the information on which you want to write.

Suggesting some best niche for blogging –

Sports, Health, Organizing, Faith, Deals, Happiness, Law of Attraction, Travel, Skincare, Outdoors, Medical, Teaching, Parenting, Photography, Relationships, Fashion, Holidays, Crafts, Food, And Holidays.

Step 2: Choose your preferred blogging platform

You can choose your favorite blogging platform, both free and paid versions are available. There are many websites in the online market that provide free blogs, if you only do part time blogging, then you can choose free blogging. If you are obsessed with blogging and you select it as a career, then select your paid version. You will get all the freedom in the self-hosted version that you want from a blog. Therefore, you choose a Paid host. And only start a blog through self-hosting.

In fact, a self-hosted blog is so good with the free blog that you can understand from the interface below.

Why Choose Self-Hosted Blogs ( Free Blog vs Self Hosted blog )

You do not have to spend money on the free blog, there is no benefit other than this benefit. While in a self-hosted blog, you have to pay once and they become very cheap due to many coupons (which will tell you).

If we talk about how self-hosted blogs are better with a free blog then the following information comes –

  • Web Address – In a self-hosted blog, you get a small domain feature that your visitor can easily remember, such as MoneyEarnWay.Com. While you have to use a subdomain in the free blog, which gets a bigger address, which makes it hard to remember, like or None of them can tell which domain’s domain address can be remembered.
  • Control over content – Self-hosted blogs have complete control over your content. Whatever content you can add, you can remove whatever you want. You can be blocked at any time in the free blog and your content can be removed.
  • You can earn money through advertising – You can place an ad in a self-hosted blog, There is no one to stop. While free hosting you will not get the convenience of advertising. If you get this, then you have to pay a commission for it. So if you want to earn money from blogs then you should choose a self-hosted blog.
  • Customize Feature – In the self-hosted blog, you get full customization feature. while you get limited customized features in Free Blog. Therefore, you should use self-hosted blogs only.
Apart from all this, there are many such features which make a self-hosted blog better than free blogs. I have invented many coupons for you here, which can give you self-hosted blogs at very cheap prices.

Step 3: Choose a domain name ( With Bigrock )

The medium of access to any blog is the blog address, which we call a domain name, like our domain’s address is People access your blog only through the domain address.

If you want to select a domain name, then I suggest .com. These names are being used on a general scale throughout the world. It’s also easy to remember, as well as on Google, it would be great for SEO (it’s just based on my beliefs, there are no such statements from Google). If you are not getting a domain of .com then you can choose from .net .org .co or .website.

Often people ask me for free domain, but let me tell you that there is nothing free, everybody has some terms and conditions. Someone may ask you to buy hosting by luring you the free domain. Do not bluff, do not invest your money in the wrong place.

You should use to buy a domain. It can be expensive up to $ 10, but you can save up to 20% of money using the provided coupon (BRMEW) here.

Buy A Domain Name WIth Coupon Code – BRMEWBigrock Domain Choose

If you are an Indian user, you can buy the domain in ₹ 99. In addition, you can get a discount of up to 20% using the coupon code (BRMEWIN).  Click Here Only Indian Users

Step 4: Select A Web Hosting ( With Bigrock )

After purchasing a domain you need a web hosting. Here, I will tell you about the most perfect web hosting. In fact, as a normal web hosting, you have to choose between Windows and Linux. If you ask about the best of both, then I will advise you of Linux hosting. In Linux hosting, you get Cpanel, which comes with the features of website optimization.

I have used these two, I found that the two are the best Linux hosting in hosting plans. While you have to face a lot of errors in window hosting. It was so bad for me that I was going to end my blogging career. But then I got to know about the use of Linux hosting in January 2018 and I am very satisfied with it.

You can use‘s hosting plan for just $ 3.49 / mo. Which gets 20% cheaper with coupon (BRMEW).

Click Here To Buy

 Bigrock Linux Hosting

If you are an Indian user, you can buy the Linux Hosting in ₹ 179 /Mo. In addition, you can get a discount of up to 20% using the coupon code (BRMEWIN).  Click Here Only Indian Users

Special Note: You have to buy domain names and web hosting simultaneously and pay with the same email address. So that you do not need to change domain authority later. And you could survive a complex process.

Host Unlimited Websites. Starting @ Rs.59

Step 5: Start A Blog with WordPress

As you know, the WordPress blog platform is the best. It works on CMS (Content Management System) technology. And through this, you are able to prepare your website in minutes. We will start a blog via WordPress.

Domain Connect With Cpanel addon domain

Firstly, you have to connect your Domain to Cpanel. For this, you have to open Cpanel.

Depending on the given picture, you have to click on Addon Domains.

How to Connect A Web Address To Web Hosting In cpanel

Depending on the picture given below, fill out the information and click on Add Domain.

cpanel addon domain add in easy step


If you do not understand this then you can watch the video. Although they are in Hindi But you can easily understand it.

After connecting the domain address to the Cpanel, you will need to install WordPress.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

You can follow the steps given below to link WordPress to the domain in CPanel.

First of all, open the Cpanel dashboard. Based on the given picture, select WordPress.

install WordPress in Cpanel Steps 01

Depending on the given picture, click on Install Now.

install WordPress in Cpanel Steps 02

Depending on the given picture, you can choose from HTTP or HTTPS filled in the form. If you have an SSL license, then you choose HTTPS  or else you choose HTTP.

Enter domain names in the Choose Domain, like

In Directory is to be empty. Because if you leave Wp written then your WordPress application will go to and your WordPress Dashboard will open by visiting

install WordPress in Cpanel Steps 03

In the Site Settings, you can write about Blog Name and Blog Descriptions, you can also change it later.

After completing the form, you have to click on the Install button depending on the given picture.

install WordPress in Cpanel Steps 04

WordPress will be installed in your blog in 10 – 15 seconds. After that, you can access the blog’s WordPress Dashboard using

You can also learn to install WordPress in Cpanel through this video –

After installing WordPress we learn how to customize WordPress.

Step 6: Install A Theme

When we install WordPress application in Cpanel, then we need themes to give a great look to the website. These are essential to starting a blog. However, a theme is already uploaded by WordPress. But it does not contain any more features. Most of the themes in WordPress will be found in the free version, which can be converted into pro features by spending some money. Here we have used the free theme of WordPress to understand the tutorial.

How to Install WordPress Theme ( All Steps )

There are three ways to install WordPress themes in the WordPress application. Which are-

  1. FtpFile Transfer Program )
  2. Upload
  3. Install By WordPress Theme List

Here we will talk about the 3.Install method. So let’s start –

First of all, open the WordPress Dashboard.

Depending on the picture, numbers will be clicked on

1.Appearance > 2.Themes

Install A Theme

3. Add New ( Click on Add Now Button )

Install A Theme Process 02

4.Install ( Click on Install )

Install A Theme Process 04

5.Activate ( Click Activate )

Install A Theme Process 05

After processing all this, your WordPress theme will change. If you are still experiencing any problems, you can comment on it, you can also watch this video and learn how to install WordPress themes –

After installing the theme, we will know about WordPress plugins.

Step 7: Install WordPress Plugins

The theme’s main requirement is to give a great look to the blog. We have chosen the theme, after that, we need WordPress plugins to customize the blog, whatever we need. To start a blog we need to have knowledge of WordPress plugins. We use plugins for any type of blog requirement. Plugins are a group of many function codes.

There are 3 ways to install plugins –

  1. FtpFile Transfer Program )
  2. Upload
  3. Install By WordPress Plugins List

Here we will talk about the 3.Install method. So let’s start –

First of all, open the WordPress Dashboard.

Depending on the picture, numbers will be clicked on

1.Plugins > 2.Add New

Install WordPress Plugins Process 01 - 02

3.Install Now ( Click on Install Now Button )

Install WordPress Plugins Process 03

4.Activate ( Click Activate )

Install WordPress Plugins Process 04

After processing all this, your WordPress plugin will be installed which you can use. If you still have a problem installing the WordPress plugins, then you can watch this video –

In view of your convenience, I’m going to tell you about the best WordPress plugins here, you should use them –

Best WordPress Plugins

Here I am listing a list of free plugins, which are very useful for start a blog.-

  1. Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  2. SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
  3. Yoast SEO
  4. Anti-spam
  5. Contact Form 7
  6. EWWW Image Optimizer
  7. WP Fastest Cache

These seven free plugins are essential for your blog. You can also upgrade them to Pro later. You will be unable to rank your posts in Google without these plugins. All these plugins help to make blog posts SEO by increasing the speed of your website.

Step 8: Useful resources for blogging

Every person, regardless of how big a person is, but constantly needs to learn something new. This is the reason why we have informed about blog resources through this article so that you can get a lot of information in a short time. We will update this article soon, And share resource articles from you.

Now, after finishing this writing, I hope that through this article you will learn a lot about Start A blog.

If you still have any problems then you can contact me, we are ready to help you,

Enjoy your new blog!

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