Easyplan Review: Referral Code & Rating

Easyplan Referral Code: 9610550220

Easyplan Review: Investing in mutual funds is now simple and free. No paperwork, no hassles. Invest in the best mutual funds using Easyplan. All mutual funds are available in one investment app. And the best part – invest in direct mutual funds with zero commission for free.

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EasyPlan Review & Referral Code

Details About Easyplan App

Google Play Rating  4.6/5
Minimum Investment  Rs. 100
Charges  0%
Referral Program  Available
Invite Code/ Link  Install App Now
Customer Care Number  +919137236156

How to invest in mutual funds on Easyplan?

Investing is very simple, You follow these steps-

  • Install App & Signup By Mobile Number
  • Select any Money Saving Goal (mutual fund)
  • Verify your KYC
  • Start SIP or invest one time (lumpsum)
  • Withdraw anytime without penalties.

What are the Advantages of Easyplan App?

This mutual fund application has many advantages, but there are some advantages which make it different from others. Which is as follows –

  • Zero Fees, No transaction charges
  • All Liquid mutual funds – earn up to 7 – 8% per year
  • Sell anytime – money comes to your bank account directly
  • Learn to invest in mutual funds with as low as Rs 100

What is different in the Easyplan App?

This app has many new features which make it different from other competing applications. Which are the following-

  • Its desk boards provide investors with a facility to set their goals.
  • Your investment is directly invested in ICICI Prudential’s liquid fund, due to which you do not have any kind of insecurity.
  • A liquid mutual fund is a very low-risk fund, so in the event of loss, you have to bear very little losses.

Easyplan Referral Program

EasyPlan Referral is a reward program for referring people to EasyPlan. You can win cash rewards for introducing EasyPlan to your friends.

Both referrals and referees get some rewards.


Easyplan Mutual Fund Investment App is a very good application, It directly invests your investment in ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund. Even if you get a little less return, but you get a risk free return., You can always withdraw your money through the bank.
These applications are very safe, you can invest in it and make your secure future.

So why wait, Start now

Install Easyplan App Now

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