Adhitz Review : Payment proof & CPC Rates

Adhitz Ad Network : Adhitz is the best paid  advertising network on the Internet.They have been continuously rendering their service since 2009. These ads are constantly in the area for so many years. This can also be a reason, to believe in this advertising network.


Adhitz Publisher Deskboard

Adhitz Sample Ad :

AdHitz makes it easy to buy and sell advertising online, giving advertisers and publishers more transparency and control. With banner and text ads, AdHitz has created a simple and more effective advertising marketplace for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.

If you look at a publisher, these advertisements will accept your account in a very short time.You will get the highest rate of the market, the minimum cash withdrawal, the multi payment option, the status of the website directly.

If you look as an advertiser, you can set your own advertising rate, you can set your target and set a budget.

Details About Adhitz Ad Network

Status  Legit
App Rating  4.5/5
Earning Way  Cpc & Site Specific Ads
Minimum Payout  $ 25
Payment Timing  Monthaly
Payout Method  Paypal, Btc, LTc , DogeCoin
Accepted countries  All
Ad Network Type  CPM Network
Referral Program  You will earn 10% of referred publishers revenue and 10% of referred advertisers spent
Website Url
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How To Earn Money By Adhitz ?

You need to have a blog to earn money from Adhitz. Now you apply for its publisher account.As soon as you are approved, you can apply its advertisement to your blog.Now whenever a visitor comes to your blog and clicks on your ads, it will become the viewer of your ad directly.

You know that whenever your ad is clicked, you will earn.You can earn up to $ 0.20 per click through this advertising company.

Adhitz Legit or Scam ?

Many bloggers are doubting whether these ad networks are right or not.Suspicious is also appropriate.But as I have found, these networks are completely legit.It gives you regular payments.

I have received a payment of $1.56 USD so far. I am showing in my payment proof. Although these are less but I believe that these are too many to get your faith.

For the last 9-10 years, they are in this area, if it was a scam, it would have stopped.They are also leading in the Alexa rankings.

So these are the main reasons to believe in Adhitz.

Adhitz Payout Rates

If a blogger puts his ad on his blog, he wants to know before believing, how much rate it offers.Therefore, I tell you, at this time, there is the highest rate of Cpc in comparison to all Cpc Advertiser .

On the one hand, in India, its rate is $ ०.42 CPC, on the other hand, the rate in the US is $ ०.20 CPC. Normally, its rate in India ranges from $ 0.6 CPC.


Adhitz Cpc Rates

You can see here the CPC rate received by my blog (this is the traffic coming from my new blog, which I have just started a few days ago.)

Adhitz Payment Proof

Our effort on MoneyEarnWay remains the same , that we always write reliable content and reviews.We do not support scam in any situation at all.We assure you that you will never get any false content or reviews on this blog.

If you think something is wrong then you must tell us through a comment box.In return we will also encourage you as a gift.

You can see the payment proof below.

Payment Proof :

This is my $ 1.56 USD payment proof :

Adhitz Payment Proof
Adhitz Payment ProofAre you thinking that payouts on such a low payment? But I tell you when my payment came, this was the situation when the owner of adhitz had changed.And then the owner paid all the payments.

Adhitz Referral Program

This is the worst thing of Adhitz. Therefore, I have reduced it to 0.5 numbers in the ranking.The main earnings of any reviewer are the referral program.

They completely reject the referrer system, so there are not many articles in support of this on the Internet.

But if you want to know the point of my heart, then this is 100% legit website.So you can join with it without any fear.

Adhitz :: FAQ

Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before receiving payout?

Yes. The minimum earnings to be processed is $25.00 thru Payza. If your account balance has not reached the minimum payout balance, your balance will carry forward until the next pay cycle when the minimum payout balance is reached.

Will I be charged any fees?

AdHitz does not charge any fees to the advertiser. Fees are charged by the publisher (website owner) for placing ads on their websites. AdHitz derives its revenues from commission percentages of the publishers fees.

When will sold ads appear on my site?

Sold ads or site specific ads will appear on your site after purchased by the advertiser, and approved by you, the publisher. Once you approve an ad purchase it will go live on your site on the specified dates at midnight EST.

Can I set my own price?

Yes. You can manually set your own price for flat rate ads.

How and when are publisher payments processed?

AdHitz begins processing publisher payments on the first business day of each month and pays them out via Payza (former AlertPay). Payments are sent on or before the 20th of each month. If the 20th happens to fall on a weekend or US Holiday, payments will be processed on the next business day.

What does Minimum Spend mean on the ad form?
This means, when an advertiser buys this ad product, they must spend a minimum amount, for example, you may set the “Minimum Spend” to $10.00, so the advertiser must buy at least $10.00 worth of clicks or impressions.
Can I click my own ads?
Absolutely not! Clicking your own ads constitutes click fraud and is a direct violation of adhitz user agreement. Knowingly clicking your own ads using a proxy server, anonymizer, click ring or by any other method calls for immediate suspension of your account including all funds in the account being forfeited. Click fraud is also considered a crime and can be punishable with a felony conviction.
Can I use AdHitz ads in my PTC site?
You cannot use adhitz ads in the view ads section of your PTC site for your members to click. You may only place adhitz ads on your site where your members or visitors will click them if they are interested in them.

Adhitz Review By Author

Adhitz are actually a very good Cpc advertising company. These are the advertising networks providing the highest rate of all of their competitors.I’m 100% on this side and I recommend you use it.

When I put it on my blog, it was more beneficial than other advertisers. That was satisfying.


In the end, I would like to say that once you use it in your blog, I can say with confidence that it will give you 100% satisfaction.You will be satisfied with its simplicity and high rates.

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